Pipetech and the Environment


Pipetech Management is committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business activities.  Pipetech understands its responsibility to sustain resources for future generations and will conduct its activities where practically possible with this in mind.

Continuing Improvement

Pipetech commitment to the Environment is also enhanced with the operation of an aspect and impact register both for our working sites and that of our head office Pipetech recognises the importance to respond to the environmental concerns of our neighbours and the communities in which we operate and respect the policies of our clients and adopt environmental objectives to continually improve our environmental performance and monitor progress.


We comply with the legal responsibilities and maintain an awareness of how our activities affect the environment and adopt good environmental practices in our day-to-day operations.


Pipetech understands that maintenance of our environment includes care taken in procurement of our goods and services.  We therefore endeavour to obtain and consider the most sustainable option when purchasing.  Our Management and Engineers receive the appropriate levels of training and awareness to ensure that due emphasis is placed on the protection of the environment and site care/cleanliness.

Targets and Objectives

Environmental targets and objectives are set and monitored to ensure that we are working towards a cleaner and safe world which will guarantee a brighter future for everyone.

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